Historic Old Franklin County Jail

Historic Jail

Situated on the banks of the Arkansas river just south of the Franklin County Courthouse is the Old Franklin County Jail. It's hard lines and rusticated stone walls, well convey the fortress derived imagery historically appropriate for this building type. Built in 1914 with it's distinctive Roman Arched entry typifies the native stone vernacular architecture of Northwest Arkansas. Although the 1st floor was adapted for other uses after the building was no longer used as a jail, the 2nd floor still retains the features and character of the original cell blocks with remarkable integrity. As you look around in the old cell blocks you can still see the markings on the walls from those who were imprisoned behind these walls. The old jail bars are a reminder of the state of justice Franklin County had for dealing with criminals and the way of life that still has its similarities to today's society. As the rough stonework of the archway distinguishes the entrance, so too do the random sized rusticated stone blocks that were used for building the walls give the building it's architecturally appealing yet rugged and impenetrable quality.

The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.